AVCENTA Airline Solutions

Airport and sales services in Germany

AVCENTA Airline Solutions  -  offers  services at all German airports such as

  • Airport Supervising
  • Station Management
  • Passenger Services
  • VIP-Services
  • Cabin Baggage Control according to GOM’s
  • Charge of Excess Baggage / Excess Cabin Baggage

In particular Airlines without own staff need our services also to control their Ground Handling Agents.

We have experienced, reliable staff.


With our help

  • Cabin Baggage will be properly controlled and excess will be charged to the benefit of the airline.
  • Delays can be avoided
  • GOM requirements will be fulfilled according to the airline’s rules
  • No unnecessary charges will be paid to airports, handling agents, caterers or other service providers at the airport
  • The airline’s presence will be provided at AOC’s and similar organizations
  • Extra income will be generated


Please contact us for tailor made offers according to your requirements.